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The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network promotes security awareness and provides education, research and training programs dedicated to broadening the knowledge and understanding of complex international and domestic issues and events in the field of non-traditional security and to facilitate and coordinate interaction among multi-disciplinary and international counter-terrorism research institutions and professionals.


  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will commit it resources to the Nordic Region in countering the evolving threats of terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism through its notable expertise internationally in countering the threats of terrorism. It will also contribute in supporting the Nordic countries; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland in its counter terrorism efforts and in the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism and hybrid threats associated to terrorism .The NCTN will promote and carry out focused subjects especially based on regional co-operation
  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will assist decision makers through strategic guidance, planning guidance and implementation plans and disseminate information as well as published materials, to build a solution-focused consensus on forensic data to state emphatically what problems exists.
  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will develop better communication between practitioners and governments and formulate and promote effective counter-terrorism policies for the Nordic Region and European community and provide decision makers with counter terrorism recommendations
  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will commit to achieve cooperation and non-governmental consultative status with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the United Nations and other international organizations in the works of its core focus
  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will collaborate with government organizations, international organizations, think tanks, universities, academia, centers of excellence and the private sectors locally and abroad
  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network with its associate international experts and partners, has initiated strategic alliances in offering training courses and research in political violence and terrorism, in both theoretical aspects and operational courses besides catering for a number of security and awareness training programs. Certification and certificate programs are provided in the counter and anti-terrorism and narrative programs
  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will organize conferences and forums and through its independent analysis and advice promote informed debates on the nature of international developments assessing emerging trends, in order to help shape a forward-looking approach to security.
  • The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will offer advisory and consulting services to international and local governments, enterprises and non-governmental organizations in creating and engaging in the knowledge-based security arena in the global environment 

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