NCTN Project Support

NCTN Project Support is a team of experts made up of practitioners, academia and officials of governments which are country specific to assist European contracted organizations such as Government Linked Organizations (GLC), Non-Government Organizations (NGO) and Government funded projects.

The NCTN Project Support works in support of donor funded programs according to the Terms of Reference (TOR) of project funded programs and projects.

The NCTN Project Support with its links to local country specific, works with local authorities and government to ensure projects are driven and delivered.

The NCTN Project Support with its local country expertise will benefit donor funded projects especially in crucial content in the subject matter.

The NCTN Project Support provides key expertise on related matters in countering terrorism, prevention and countering of violent extremism, capacity building programs and policy support.

Our experts are selected based on their practictioner skills and backgrounds as well as operational field and research expertise and are independant from any government influence for transparency and governance.

The NCTN Project Support operates globally, working with funding partners that need local expertise in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

NCTN is registered under the EU Transparency Registra and our delivery system is governed by transparency and good governance, in providing support to partner organizations for projects on countering the threats of terrorism. 

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