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Webinar: Post Pandemic: A New Order or a New Chaos, The Middle East and North Africa Perspectives

 19 Nov 2020
 Shown at all times
Hungary, Romania 19th November 2020

4th OSCE-wide Seminar on Passenger Data Exchange

 29 Oct 2020
 Shown at all times
Vienna, Austria 29th-30th October

Impact of Emerging Technologies on International Security and Terrorism

 14 Oct 2020
 Shown at all times
Korea-Vienna, Austria 14th October 2020

Terrorism in Finland and The Nordic Region

 26 Aug 2020
 Shown at all times
Andrin Raj presented on terrorism in Finland and within the Nordic region in regards to the current threats posed by security and intelligence services. The discussion was in-line with the IACSP SEA Regional Centre of its continuous relationship with foreign diplomatic missions and governments in the Asean region on threats of Islamist terrorism.

Asia Pacific Rim University (APRU) Multi-Hazard Workshop

 12 Feb 2020
 Shown at all times
Andrin Raj presented on the threats of CBRNe and preparedness based on man-made disasters to Asian Universities. The representation was under the NCTN and the IACSP SEA Region where Andrin Raj leads an operate both organizations. The workshop also initiated the first CBRNe-NATECH Asian Disaster Initiative that will provide a platform for education, training and technology in addressing the threats of CBRNe-NATECH disasters orchestrated by mand-made disasters.

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