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Leading think tank and training centre dedicated in contributing to deepen the emerging understanding and providing real-world responses to terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism.

The NORDIC COUNTER TERRORISM NETWORK is a non-partisan and not-for-profit think-tank based in Helsinki, Finland. The NCTN is a leading specialist centre in Islamist terrorism cum training centre dedicated in contributing to deepen the emerging understanding and providing real-world responses to terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism. It is affiliated with the International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals. The NCTN is a network of experts, researchers, consultants, governments agencies, security agencies, institutions and non-government organizations in the field to research, study, educate and train in the field of Political Violence and Terrorism in countering the threats of radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism. Its operations are independent of any governments and strives to address the realism of Political Violence and Terrorism. The NCTN also houses its own expert team who are both academic and operational in their expertise in research, policy development, training and the development of counter narratives educational programs.


The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network of experts come from diverse backgrounds such as the academia, think tanks, security, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, security professionals, government and operational field experts working in conflict regions and working along-side security forces and are knowledgeable in the academic, theoretical approaches and field operations in countering terrorism. Many of our experts have been deployed in field operations, field research, consulted and trained security forces and governments and the private sectors in counter terrorism.


The aim of Nordic Counter Terrorism Network is to promote and provide a platform for collective discussion and immersion through a multidisciplinary, international network of experts, researchers, institutions and training center’s in the field of political violence, terrorism and extremism. We are a learning organization and our critical engines for growth and viability in the current, turbulent and unconventional environment is to be innovative-conscious, to develop, re-design, react and modify ideas collectively.


The Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will strive to create a climate of intellectual clarity where we can discuss, create and educate others on highly complex topics, facilitate the exchange of perspectives and contribute applicable information and methods on global and regional issues of security, defense, and public policy making. The need for multidisciplinary approach, international cooperation, specialization and professionalism is imperative in this environment of rapid globalization and the Nordic Counter Terrorism Network will meet this need through its initiatives.


The IACSP SEA Region, initiated the trainings for foreign prison officers in home-base territory in addressing radical and violent extremist within their prisons. The program was originally developed by Senior Assistant Director Adina Rai for the Prisons Department in Malaysia spanning thirty years of his expertise in addressing and dealing with terrorist operatives in the Malaysian Prisons which included Jemaah Islamiyah and Al Qaeda inmates. Adina, now the Head of the Derad and Rehab Program at the IACSP CSS SEA Region developed and have over the years updated the training program accordingly to the current evolving trends in religious terrorism. His experience dealing with violence riot in Malaysia in 2004 within the main prison for religious terrorist inmates gives him the authority as subject matter expert on training prisons wardens to overcome such threats in their own prisons.

This course was run in Maldives for all Maldives Correctional Services (Prison) staffs in accordance to the ranks within the Prisons Department. Each category within the ranking system were provided with a three-day program consecutively. Following on to the training program, the radicalization of terrorism and awareness of involvement in terrorist activities will be run for a period of three years.  

The deradicalization course was run for two days for 35 participants from the law makers working at the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The rehabilitation for inmates and also Leadership Competence course was also provided for 12 days. The program was well received by the Cambodian authorities and a suggestion of the program and feedback given to the IACSP was to have yearly course that will be conducted within the Kingdom.

This is the course run involving foreign participants and local. The course is run for one month with several topics. one of the topics is radicalization of terrorism. Run for four days, sharing of ideas and also action taken to overcome terrorism in respective countries. This course is named as Malaysian Technical Corporation Program hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia.

This workshop was hosted by the IACSP and it ran for two days at the symposium in Kuala Lumpur. The participants came from various countries and also local agencies who were directly involved de/radicalization of terrorists. The workshop provided in-dept knowledge and informative ideas in rehabilitation of terrorist for authorities and rehab centres as well as for non-governmental organizations involved in addressing radicalization and integration process.

This seminar was run with the collaboration of Malaysian Youth Foundation and IACSP. 23 foreign countries and local involve in this seminar. Seminar run for Awareness for youth in involving in terrorism. Discussion and ideas were share among presenters and participants. all around 121 participants. And also, Psychology approach in d eradication of youth terrorist.


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