NCTN Strategic Advisory, Risk Monitoring And Analysis Division

The NCTN Strategic Advisory division provides advisory and consultation on situational reporting, monitoring, risk mitigation and analysis, associated  with military and civilian operations in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia in areas where decades of conflict have left myriads of factors that can increase the risks of radicalization – particularly linked to poor governance, sectarianism, the role of security forces and armed groups, the justice system and poverty/unemployment.  Challenging social issues are affecting communities, including human trafficking, slavery, gender-based violence and violent extremism.

We assess areas of vulnerability, design and manage intervention programs, online and offline community support activities, implement monitoring and evaluation systems and surveys, and conduct targeted research and analysis.

Download our services in brief (attached) and for further information on NCTN Strategic Advisory profile operations, please contact us at 

Please provide name, position and organization and we will send you a full profile of our operational works.

NCTN Startegic Advisory 2023
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26 Apr 2023
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